Thinking beyond the canopy
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Gender and natural resource governance indicators

A need to assess and address ‘sensitive and taboo’ topics


Gender and governance or management are topics that have been inadequatelyaddressed by researchers, with resulting very slow progress towards gender equityglobally. A collaborative landscape management project in South and SoutheastSulawesi (Indonesia) has been trying to strengthen women’s voices in localmanagement and governance and to encourage more equitable benefit distributionthroughout the landscape. The need for a simple assessment of the project’s successpresented an opportunity for us to develop a set of indicators that we believe can beadapted and used more widely. Our indicators, presented below, differ from otherindicator sets available, most fundamentally in their foci on (1) gender and governance/forest management, (2) a combination of production and other more sensitive issuescentral to women’s lives, and (3) intra-household decision-making.


  empowerment, Gender, decision making, participation, forests



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  Forests, Trees and Livelihoods





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