Thinking beyond the canopy
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Does Tenure Security Lead to REDD+ Project Effectiveness?

Reflections from Five Emerging Sites in Indonesia


In the REDD+ debate, tenure security is often linked to equity concerns. Yet REDD+ is also about the effectiveness of reducing emissions.We propose a conceptual framework linking tenure with REDD+ effectiveness, taking into account that tenure security equally protects the right to reduce and to increase emissions. Survey-based research, at five emerging REDD+ sites in Indonesia in 2010, revealed that tenure is ambiguous and contested, thus insecure. Low dependence on forest-based livelihoods suggests limited interest in reducing emissions. Securing community tenure does not necessarily lead to REDD+ effectiveness unless it can compete with other economic interests that emit GHGs.


  climate change, deforestation, degradation, degraded forests, property rights, tenure systems, livelihoods



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  World Development

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