Last updated April 2010 
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"Getting the message out"

The Malinau survey provided significant insight into "what is important to communities living in tropical forest landscapes”. The MLA team wanted to give back this information to the Malinau communities and help them communicate their needs to other local stakeholders.

We first prepared four posters and a set of playing cards for that purpose and later produced a film. Our information also contributed to the new environmental education curriculum for the district.


A set of posters that contain a wealth of information was produced: we considered the posters as an 'open book' - a colorful series of presentations that do not need to be read in one go. Local communities were consulted several times during their preparation, to make sure their views were presented well. They appreciate that they are called 'the experts' in the posters! Text and graphics are as easy as possible to understand.

Around 800 sets were distributed to communities in the district, local government, companies, conservation organizations and environmental NGOs active in East Kalimantan.

The usefulness of these materials was evaluated through a survey on conservation knowledge and perceptions before and after receiving the materials. Based on interviews, the assessment showed that the posters have had a genuine influence on all stakeholder groups. (see Sheil and Padmanaba 2006)

Poster_MLA-1-icon.jpg (25143 bytes) Poster_MLA-2.jpg (24529 bytes) poster
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