Interactions among prerequisite conditions

Interactions among prerequisite conditions

This chapter focuses on the interactions among prerequisite conditions, which, based on the case studies analysed in this volume, seem to support or hinder progress towards SFM. Section 4.1 describes the most important interactions among the prerequisite conditions related to policies institutions and governance, while 4.2 focuses on those related to livelihoods, capacities, and socio-economic conditions. In reality prerequisite conditions interact among themselves in various, complex, ways, and in 4.3 we draw attention to some of the main interactions across realms that seem to be important to forest cover and condition and forest-related livelihoods. In that section (4.3), the observed interactions are related to the perceived trends in forest and livelihood outcomes. The information about the perceived trends in the outcomes is based on the informed assessment of the authors of each case study. It is important to note that it relates to the particular trends observed in each speci

Authors: Galloway, G.; de Jong, W.; Katila, P.; Pacheco, P.

Series: IUFRO World Series no. 32

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-3-902762-30-6

ISSN: 1016-3263

Source: Forests under pressure : Local responses to global issues. 475-483

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