Prerequisite conditions across cases

Prerequisite conditions across cases

This chapter presents an analysis across the cases for the prerequisite conditions included in the analytical framework. Sections 3.1-3.7 focus on the prerequisite conditions relating to policies, institutions, and governance; sections 3.8-3.12, on those relating to livelihoods, capacities, and socioeconomic aspects; and section 3.13, on research and monitoring.

Authors: Galloway, G.; de Jong, W.; Katila, P.; Mery, G.; Pacheco, P.; Alfaro, R.

Series: IUFRO World Series no. 32

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-3-902762-30-6

ISSN: 1016-3263

Source: Forests under pressure : Local responses to global issues. 453-473

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