Estimating the aboveground biomass of Bornean Forest

Estimating the aboveground biomass of Bornean Forest

We apply a process-based model, called 3-PG (physiological principles for predicting growth), to estimate aboveground biomass for the primary forests of Borneo. Using publicly available soil and climate data, and parameterized with physiological traits of Bornean forest, the modeled aboveground biomass and basal area showed statistically significant relationships with field-measured data from 85 sites across four major forest types. Our results highlight the possibility to expand the application of 3-PG to forests of varying condition, which would facilitate inclusion of modeled forest biomass data for developing a Tier 3 carbon inventory system for Borneo.

Authors: Budiharta, S.; Silk, J.W.F; Raes, N.; Meijaard, E.; Erskine, P.D.; Wilson, K. A.

Topic: carbon sequestration,carbon accounting,forestry

Geographic: Borneo

Publication Year: 2014

ISSN: 00063606

Source: Biotropica 46(5): 507-511

DOI: 10.1111/btp.12132

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