Mixing the REDD policy cocktail in the Brazilian Amazon

Mixing the REDD policy cocktail in the Brazilian Amazon

Policy messages:
1. Payments for environmental services can boost both costeffectiveness and equity of REDD in the Brazilian Amazon.
2. The cost-effectiveness of alternative REDD instruments hinges on the scale of deforestation patches and the spatial distribution of minimum REDDiness conditions, such as exclusive rights to land and forest use.
3. Conditions in the Brazilian Amazon suggest targeting PES especially to small-scale farmers, as one ingredient for a REDD policy that is both cost-effective and fair.

Authors: Borner, J.; Simoes, J.; Hyman, G.; Wertz-Kanounnikoff, S.; Barona, Elizabeth; Wunder, S.; Guevara, E. D.; Nascimento, J.R.

Topic: payments for environmental services,REDD,policy,cost benefit analysis,crop production,Brazil,Amazonia

Geographic: Brazil,Amazon

Series: Policy Brief no. 1

Publisher: Iniciativa Amazonica

Publication Year: 2009

Source: The Amazon Initiative : 4p.

DOI: 10.17528/cifor/004738

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