Riberalta: extractivistas bajo una élite tradicional

Riberalta: extractivistas bajo una élite tradicional

This chapter looks at the municipal government of Riberalta, Bolivia and its role in forest management. Riberalta is located in the northern Bolivian Amazon and depends heavily on Brazil nuts harvesting and processing, as well as logging and agriculture. The traditional local elite has maintained control over the municipal government. Since passage of the 1996 forestry law the municipal government has attempted to create a municipal forest reserve and a local protected area but has fought strongly against government titling of indigenous territories. (DK)

Authors: Kaimowitz, D.; Bojanic Helbingen, A.J.

Topic: government policy,local government,logging,protected areas,reserved forests,brazil nuts

Geographic: Bolivia

Series: Serie Bosques y Sociedad no. 3

Publication Year: 1998

Source: Balanza P. P., Kaimowitz, D. (eds.) Municipios y gestion forestal en el tropico Boliviano. 137-178

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