Thinking beyond the canopy

Quick guide to our services

How do I ask for help with research in the Resource Centre ?

You have several options. Ask Rizka or Rezcky, who staff the reference desk. They can suggest sources you can use for your research. You can also email questions to the reference desk (, or call the reference desk directly: +62-251-862-2622 extension 508.

How can I search for articles, books, and other materials?

To find books, CDs, working papers or journal articles we own, search the catalogue.

How can I check out and renew books loan?

Bring the books you want to check out to the reference desk, or send an email ( You can also renew a book you have loaned the same way.

How do I reserve a book?

If you need a book that is already loaned out to someone else, ask us to reserve the book for you.

How do I print in the Resource Centre?

The public workstations are already set up to print to W1-CANON-1, which is located in the west wing of the main building. Our staff will pick up the print out for you or show you where the printer is.

Where are the photocopiers?

Ask for a photocopy form from the Resource Centre staff, mark the pages you want to copy with post-its, and give them to Rizka or Rezcky.

How do I get CIFOR publications?

Rizka Taranita and Nia Sabarniati handle distribution of our publications.  You can request our materials by sending an email to (These emails are reviewed for performance.) All publications can also be downloaded from: