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Celebrate 20 years of forestry research
with CIFOR alumni and friends


Welcome! Post your thoughts, wishes and memories of CIFOR over the past 20 years here!

Eric Xavier

Monday, 27-05-13 08:46

The results of 20 years of research on forest policies and practices that affect forests in developing countries is really considerable. Through its publications, the CIFOR has mobilized international opinion on the role of forests in the well-being of people. I sincerely hope that in the coming years, his work will be more accessible to the public, not just the elite, but also to smaller farmers, so that the collective effort can produce changes to the sustainability of our planet.

I wish long life to CIFOR and Happy birthday!


Friday, 10-05-13 01:48

Congratulations on your Anniversary. Last year was also the 60th year of the Turkish Forestry Research Institutes. Greetings to my colleagues at CIFOR.

Arild Angelsen

Tuesday, 05-03-13 04:03

20 years means that CIFOR is not a teenager any longer, and can (almost) be considered a grown-up institution. Hopefully that will not happen. CIFOR should continue questioning received wisdom, exploring new approaches, and being a curious teenager.
In an external review a few years ago, one of the respondents said that the best thing about CIFOR was that when reading a publication you could never be sure what the conclusion would be. That's a great compliment for a research organization: we are in the business to explore virgin forests.
Having worked with CIFOR for 17 years, it has been a long lasting love, with many good friendships and the credibility of being associated with a very professional organization. It's been a privilege. Happy birthday!


Sunday, 03-03-13 11:59

Dear CIFOR, congratulations!
More now than ever we should talk about trees in the landscape and not only forests. Of course the full forest ecosystem needs a large number of trees per hectare, but from many points of view, scattered trees are as important. So when counting a nations hectares of "forests" we should also add on some information on the number of trees outside the true forests. Such number divided by ex. 2 500 makes a great number of additional "hectares" coverd by trees.


Friday, 01-03-13 10:03

Happy anniversary Big Chief!!!!
We still have a lotta, lotta work to do, but with you all aboard we can surely pull through (it rhymes!). I am always happy to receive your newsletter, and promise to do my best for you too. From a poor farmer without land,

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