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CIFOR scientific staff profiles

Ramadhani Achdiawan

Research Assistant

Conduct Livelihood study on Furniture Value Chain in Jepara Indonesia. Statistical support for Poverty Environment Network. Analysis support for Project on Tools for integrating Conservation and Development

Christian Amani

Scientific Advisor

Cut Augusta Mindry Anandi

Research Officer/Field Research Supervisor

Rubeta Andriani

Research Officer

GIS and remote sensing

Agus Andrianto

Research Assistant

Team Member Cordaid Project; Bio-fuel plantation boom in papua, indonesia: safeguarding indigenous communities' tenure rights and access to natural resources through economically, environmentally and socially responsible development

Arild Angelsen

CIFOR partner

Yustina Artati

Research Officer

Chinese trade and investment in Africa: assessing and governing trade-offs to national economies, local livelihoods and forest

Kiran Asher

Senior Scientist

Development and environmental change and their relation to marginalized communities in the global south

Stibniati Atmadja


Assisting the production of REDD global architecture book due in COP14; * Potentially leading a comparative study on REDD pilot projects in Indonesia

Richard Eba’a Atyi

Senior Scientist & Regional Coordinator Central Africa Office

The role of forests in climate change adaptation and mitigation, policy framework for the management of tropical forests

Abdon Awono

Senior Research Officer

Team member of FAO/SNV/ICRAF/CIFOR NTFP project, analysing the baselines information of Irvingia and Prunus africana in Cameroon and Honey, Gnetum and Safou in DRC for farmer enterprises development in Central Africa with intervention in LAMIL Guinea project, ect

Michael Balinga

Regional Scientist

Influence of age, gender and tenure on equity and benefit sharing in management of forest resources

Bimbika Sijapati Basnett

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Gender

Gender analysis

Imam Basuki

Research Officer

Soil studies; Landscape assessment tool (mla) adaptation for fire management; Participatory monitoring on biodiversity in Lao - Landscape Mosaic project

Brian Belcher

Senior Associate

Manuel Boissiere

Seconded Scientist

Landscape Mosaics : Co-site Leader in Laos. Coordinator Biodiersity Monitoring in Laos. International expert Improvement of the sustainable management and utilization of non timber forest products in Cambodia (ITTO for CIRAD). Team Coordinator MLA Activities (papua, India)

Maria Brockhaus

Senior Scientist

Policy networks, policy learning, institutional and policy change, science-policy interface

Jan Börner

Associate Researcher

Rachel Carmenta

Postdoctoral fellow

Jean-Christophe Castella


Project leader for Mekong region

Paolo Omar Cerutti

Senior Scientist

Task Leader - FLEGT, illegal logging

Jessica Clendenning

Research Officer

Carol Colfer

Senior Associate

Peter Cronkleton

Senior Scientist

Community Forestry, Forest Tenure, Policy, Participatory methods

Sidzabda Djibril Dayamba

Research Assistant

Ahmad Dermawan


Forest policy, forest industry, timber plantations, forest finance, trade, investment, corruption

Ida Nadia Sèdjro Djenontin

Associate Profession Officer

Climate change, agriculture, farming system, food security and value chain analysis/development

Félicien Kengoum Djiegni

Research Officer

Climate change mitigation and adaptation, forest governance

Houria Djoudi


Edmond Dounias

Senior Associate

Amy Duchelle


Currently, her main research topic is understanding the effectiveness, efficiency, equity and co-benefits of pilot REDD+ initiatives in the Amazon

Bimo Dwisatrio

Research Assistant

Global Comparative Studies REDD+ Policy Network Analysis, local existing knowledge of changing climate

Michael Dwyer

Postdoctoral fellow, "Economic Choices and Trade-Offs of REDD+ in the Asia Region"

Political ecology, development studies and critical cartography/GIS

Giacomo Fedele

Research Fellow

Synergies between climate change adaptation and mitigation

Samson Kofi Foli

Associate Professional Officer

Ecosystem services

Denis Gautier

Seconded Scientist

Territorialisation processes linked to natural resource conservation, exploitation and management; links between ecosystem resilience and vulnerability of people whose livelihoods are relying on forest

David Gaveau


Role of Earth observation in formulating efficient strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of conservation interventions; equitable trade-offs between human development and conservation

Jazmin Gonzales

Research Assistant

Monica Di Gregorio

Senior Associate

Environmental politics and governance, climate change and forests, policy networks, natural resource governance

Manuel Guariguata

Principal Scientist

Forest management, ecology, silviculture, ecosystem services

Davison Gumbo


Investigating the interplay between social and ecological systems and impacts on livelihoods

Alphonce C. Guzha

Postdoctoral fellow

Hety Herawati


Forestry, climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation, ecosystem based adaptation, gender, forest fires, community based forest and fire management.

Kristell Hergoualc'h


Forestry, agroforestry, agriculture, land-use change, climate change, environmental services, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD)

Martin Herold

Senior associate and professor

Amy Ickowitz


Development, natural resource management and health economics

Verina Ingram

Senior Associate

Central Africa Livelihoods program

Pamela Anne Jagger

Senior Associate

Shijo Joseph

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Climate change impact research, carbon sequestration, REDD+ and systematic conservation planning

Augustin KABORE


Maarit Kallio

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Interdisciplinary: a combination of the ecological and silvicultural aspects of tropical forestry with social, economic and cultural aspects. Forest management practices of smallholders in different forest types ranging from timber tree plantations to shifting cultivation systems. Social interactions and access to resources of the local people as well as factors influencing land use decision making.

Markku Kanninen

Senior Associate

Climate change adaptation and mitigation, tropical forest ecology, silviculture, forest management

Habtemariam Kassa


Coordinating Dry Forest Project Activities in Ethiopia

Heru Komarudin


Team Member of Cordaid Project on "The Expansion of Plantations in Papua, Indonesia: Safeguarding Indigenous Communities' Tenure/Resource Rights and Building Capacity for Responsible evelopment". Specific role: policy framework analysis

Kaisa Korhonen-Kurki

Research Associate, Component 4, Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Governance of climate change, science–policy interface

Mrigesh Kshatriya

Data Management Specialist

Climate change modelling, REDD+, dynamics of human-environmental systems, sustainable development

Sofyan Kurnianto

Research Assistant

Assessing the hydrological processes in a catchment scale; Spatial modeling of the water balance components

Anne Margaret Larson

Principal Scientist

Larson is particularly interested in how legitimate, accountable and equitable governance institutions and authorities emerge on multiple scales, and the interrelationships of diverse state and non-state institutions, including traditional or customary institutions. She is also interested in the construction of and demand for resource rights, how communities face and respond to competing demands for resources, and the role of grassroots mobilisation and organisations in these processes.

Yves Laumonier

Seconded Scientist

Landscape Mosaic

Soo Min Lee

Seconded Scientist

Climat Change Mitigation, Bioenergy

Guillaume Lescuyer

Seconded Scientist

Illegal logging

Patrice Levang

Seconded Scientist

Livelihoods Theme Leader for landscape Mosaic Program catch-up program team for Indonesia

Nining Liswanti


Team Member - MLA (Multidisciplinary Landscape Assessment) Project

Bruno Locatelli

Seconded Scientist

Cecillia Luttrell

Senior Research Associate

Oversight and accountability mechanisms, political and governance assessment, benefit sharing, livelihoods and poverty impact, institutional change, rights

Cynthia Dewi Maharani

Research Officer

Philip Manalu

Research Officer

Team member of ACIAR Teak Project Improving Economic Outcomes for smallholders Growing teak in Agroforestry System in Indonesia

Sofi Mardiah

Research Officer

Forest policy, corruption, reduction in emissions from deforestation and degradation, spatial planningTeam member: Global comparative study on REDD+ for Component 1Team member: Norway project International Cooperation for Helping Countries Facing an Illegal Logging Crisis (Integrated Law Enforcement Approach Project)

Christopher Martius

Principal Scientist

Erik Meijaard

Senior associate and senior consultant for People and Nature Consulting International

Edouard Essiane Mendoula

Research Assistant

(a) improve understanding of the domestic timber market in tropical countries(b) draw lessons from policy approaches to domestic timber and non-timber sectors for regulating them better and integrating them into the formal economy(c) analyse forest management practices associated to different forest uses(d) generate knowledge about livelihood options created by the domestic and informal sectors, and assess the trade-offs that better regulated sectors could potentially engender on livelihood security and sustainability

Moira M.M. Moeliono

Senior Associate

My interest still focusses on ways in which the public, including local communities can participate in policy making in the field of resource use and management. This has led to interest in issues of rights, more specifically tenurial rights and the role of culture/traditions in determining rights

Daniel Murdiyarso

Principal Scientist

Climate change, carbon cycling and land use change

Samuel Assembe Mvondo

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Forest governance

Esther Mwangi

Senior Scientist

Dynamics of property rights to land and natural resources, multilevel linkages in resource governance, gender, policy implementation and strategies for linking knowledge to action

Robert Nasi

Deputy Director General Research

Ani Adiwinata Nawir


Socio-economic and policy aspects of community forestry, particularly the advantages of small-scale forestry plantations and traditional agroforestry management compared to other investment alternatives, such as small-scale oil palm plantations. Exploring opportunities to produce carbon offset schemes and environmental services markets from smallholder planted forests.

Krystof Obidzinski

Senior Scientist

Maria Ojanen

Associate Professional Officer

Satria Oktarita

Research Officer

Climate Change, Nitrogen cycling, Biogeochemistry

Pablo Pacheco

Principal Scientist

Human dimensions of global environmental change, Trajectories of landscape and economic change, Trends and impacts of global trade and investment, Multi-scale and multi-actor forest governance

Michael Padmanaba

Research Officer

Forested landscape dynamic, forest ecology, invasive alien species

Christine Padoch

Director, Forests & Livelihoods Research

Elena Petkova

Senior Associate

Climate change, forests, national implementation of international non-binding commitments, corruption

Thu Thuy Pham


Human rights and the sociological and political aspects of conservation, climate change, payment for environmental services, reduction in emissions from deforestation and degradation, poverty reduction and sustainable development

Jacob Phelps


Bronwen Powell

PostDoc/Research Fellow, Forests and Food Security

Hari Priyadi

Research Officer

Climate change mitigation and Forest management

Herry Purnomo


Value chains of forest goods and services, systems modelling, forest governance, community forestry

Louis Putzel

Senior Scientist

Economic botany of tropical timber and the connections between logging, smallholder forest management, and global markets

Ashwin Ravikumar

Postdoctoral fellow

The role of institutions at multiple levels in shaping natural resource governance, especially the local governance of natural resources; the effects of poverty and inequality on collective action; and the role of institutional design in mediating and moderating the effects of inequality in its various flavors. In addition, Ashwin is interested in climate policy, energy, adaptation, and social entrepreneurship.

Mariana Rufino

Senior Scientist, CCAFS

Aaron J. M. Russell


Adaptive collaborative management, organisational learning, ecosystem-based adaptation, action research, decentralisation, power, gender, impact assessment

Levania Santoso

Facilitator GCS REDD

Media discourse, community forestry, forest management

Sigit Deni Sasmito

Research Assistant

Spatial analysis on Water Balance Components, Satellite based rainfall estimation

Claudio de Sassi

PostDoc/Research Fellow, Data Analyst on Forest and Climate Change

Response of tropical biomes to climate change, the role of biodiversity in climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation, co-benefits of REDD+ as a tool for conservation and sustaining rural livelihoods.

Sini Maaria Savilaakso

Associate Professional Officer

Currently, her main research focus is on understanding the effectiveness of using certification as a tool to mainstream biodiversity and ecosystem services.

George C. Schoneveld


The dynamics of customary rights and access regimes, political economy and ecology of investment-led rural modernization, alternative agricultural business models, land use change dynamics linked to global commodity markets, and transnational governance architectures.

Bayuni Shantiko

Research Officer

The economics of natural resources management, sustainable development, foresight studies

Douglas Sheil

Senior Associate

Erin Sills

Senior Associate


Anna Christina Sinaga


Forestry law and law enforcement in Indonesia, anti corruption and anti money laundering

Phosiso Sola

Senior Scientist & Regional Coordinator for Eastern and Southern Africa

Dennis Sonwa

Senior Scientist

Agroforestry issues related to CDM

Terry Sunderland

Principal Scientist

Domain 4 leader

William Sunderlin

Principal Scientist

Daniel Suryadarma

Senior Scientist

Anne-Marie Tiani

Senior Scientist

Conditions for climate-proof development in the Central Africa forest region.

Januarti Sinarra Tjajadi

Research Officer

Nugroho Adi Utomo

Research Assistant

Team Member - CSR project Learning to be responsible: addressing social, economic, and environmental issues for responsibility of forest-based businesses

Miguel Vasquez

Seconded Scientist

Louis Verchot

Director, Forests & Environment Research

Climate Change, Carbon and Nitrogen cycling, Biogeochemistry

Andrew Wardell

Research Director, Forests & Governance Program

Sheila Wertz-Kanounnikoff

Senior Associate

Forests and climate policy, Mozambique/Southern Africa

Arief Wijaya

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Grace Wong

Senior Scientist

Understanding the economic, equity and environmental trade-offs in policies and decisions relating to forests and land use

Sven Wunder

Principal Scientist

Anastasia Lucy Yang

Postdoctoral fellow

Wen Zhou

Research Officer

Mathurin Zida

Regional Scientist & Regional Coordinator West Africa

Team member - Dry Forest project