Thinking beyond the canopy

Compensation and benefits


CIFOR offers a competitive remuneration commensurate with skills and experience.

Housing allowance (expatriation benefit)

A monthly housing allowance is provided to assist with the cost of local accommodation.


CIFOR will provide each globally recruited staff member with a suitable vehicle or transportation allowance. The vehicle is primarily for business use, but may be used for reasonable personal needs as required. CIFOR is under no obligation to provide any staff member with a vehicle for exclusive personal use.

Education allowance (expatriation benefit)

We will cover 75% of the cost of school attendance up to a certain limit. Dependent children are eligible from preschool through high school, or until they are 18 years old, or married, whichever comes first. All legal sons and daughter and stepchildren are eligible.

Retirement fund contribution

We will contribute to a retirement plan fully vested in the name of the staff member from the first day of employment. Our pension scheme is set at a 15% flat rate. The plan is administered by the Association of International Agricultural Research Centers (AIARC).

Family visit travel (expatriation benefit)

If assigned to a duty station outside their recognised home country, globally recruited staff and each authorised dependent, is entitled to family visit travel once during each full year of service from the date the contract is signed.


We provide a non-contributory insurance benefits package covering medical benefits and medical evacuation for the staff member, spouse and dependents; life insurance; accidental death and dismemberment; long-term disability; and travel accident insurance.


  • 30 days of vacation leave per year
  • 20 sick leave days per year
  • 12 weeks maternity leave
  • 2 weeks paternity leave
  • 2 weeks adoption leave
  • 5 days compassionate leave

Separation benefit

CIFOR provides a separation payment to assist staff members who have completed their assignment with CIFOR. Separation payments are made only on the completion of two years of satisfactory service and are computed on the basis of one month's net base salary, at the current rate, for each completed year of satisfactory continuous service up to a maximum of six months of base salary.

Companion travel

The companion travel is to compensate the staff member for the difficulties of separation from families caused by frequent travel. Companion travel is granted for every 12 month period from the date of hire.

Travel and relocation costs (expatriation benefit)

When the new staff member is appointed and moves or changes the duty station, we will cover the costs of air transportation. CIFOR will also provide a shipment of personal effects allowance, an installation allowance and temporary living expenses for staff member and each dependent joining at the duty station.

Compensatory leave

CIFOR will provide compensatory leave for each night a staff member is away from home due to mission travel, excluding home leave. The earned days will be added to the staff member's annual leave entitlement