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POLEX, CIFOR's blog for and by forest policy experts

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POLEX is an initiative of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) to keep opinion leaders, policymakers and researchers up to date on path-breaking research on forests.

POLEX was first launched in 1997. It is sent each month to about 15,000 stakeholders in the forestry sector worldwide. It is translated into French, Spanish, Indonesian and Japanese. Each message includes a concise highlight of a timely and important research report. We include information on how to obtain a copy of the report as well as contact details for its lead author.

The new POLEX will no longer be exclusively the voice of CIFOR's Director General, but instead will draw on a number of CIFOR scientists in addition to the DG.  We are delighted that the first edition of the re-launched POLEX is authored by the latest addition to CIFOR's Management Group, Dr. Christine Padoch, Director of CIFOR's Forests and Livelihoods Program as of February 2011.

We are very interested in your feedback regarding POLEX and your suggestions for interesting reports we might promote through the list. Please send them to

Although CIFOR manages the list, the content of the messages reflects only the views of the authors of the original research and the author of the message. They do not necessarily reflect official views of CIFOR as an institution.