Thinking beyond the canopy

Our research programmes

The Forest and Environment programme considers biophysical and ecological aspects related to the conservation, sustainable use and management of forest ecosystems, populations and species. We represent a wide set of scientific disciplines: forestry, forest ecology, landscape ecology, botany, soil science, biogeography, etc. Our role in CIFOR is to provide scientific and human resources so that research in our thematic areas can achieve their expected outcomes. We use cutting-edge scientific tools, methods and approaches to ensure the scientific rigor and quality of our research outputs, which include publications, conferences and trainings.
Contact: Louis Verchot

This programme conducts research on how people make decisions about forest management and implement them, beyond the scale of the individual household or small enterprise.
Contact: Andrew Wardell

The Forests and Livelihood Programme focuses on how human well-being can be enhanced through improving local forest-based practices, promoting smallholder and community involvement in industrial forestry, increasing the forestry content of poverty alleviation policies, strategies and programmes, and by improving the outcomes of conservation and development outcomes.
Contact: Christine Padoch

Our strategic research agenda

Our research focuses on six synergistic, linked domains that reflect the cross-sectoral nature of forest management:

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