Tropical forest countries are beginning to develop policies and initiatives aimed at reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). These emissions are responsible for up to a fifth of all global carbon emissions - more than the entire global transport sector.

CIFOR and its partner organizations have monitored the developments of REDD+ since 2009 when the Global Comparative Study on REDD+ (GCS REDD+) was launched. Through comparative studies of the implementation of REDD+ around the world, the GCS REDD+ project takes stock of international, national and subnational REDD+ experiences to identify challenges in designing and implementing effective, efficient, and equitable REDD+ policies and projects.


Everyone involved in working on REDD+ - from project proponents to government ministries, donors, United Nations agencies and members of the public - needs to know what works and what does not. GCS REDD+ aims to ask the right questions in order to provide reliable and timely answers that are easily accessible to all. Through guidelines, tools and analysis derived from extensive research across 13 tropical forest countries, GCS REDD+ hopes to support countries in their effort to reduce emissions in an effective, efficient and equitable way.

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