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  • Jakarta Post, 17 March 2008

    Indonesian forest law misjudges the climate

    Opinion: Daniel Murdiyarso

    "May you live in interesting time" is said to be an ancient Chinese proverb and subtle curse. Whatever its origins, there's no doubt these are interesting times for anyone engaged in environmental public policy-making. Especially... More »

  • The Canberra Times, 13 December 2007

    Seeing REDD to save the forests and the planet

    Opinion: Sven Wunder & Frances Seymour

    Global warming poses a significant threat to our future. That much is now widely accepted. Less certain is what we need to do to arrest the process. When the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change drew up the Kyoto... More »

  • Jakarta Post, 04 December 2007

    Reducing deforestation in RI

    Opinion: Daniel Murdiyarso

    Deforestation and land clearance in developing countries are responsible for annual carbon emissions measuring approximately 1,600 million tons. That's roughly a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, making... More »

  • Sinar Harapan, 23 September 2007

    Menyikapi Laporan IPCC dengan Bijak

    Opinion: Daniel Murdiyarso

    Baru-baru ini kita mendengar serangkaian peluncuran laporan Panel Antar-pemerintah tentang Perubahan Iklim (IPCC). Pertama dari Paris di bulan Februari 2007, kedua dari Brusel di bulan April, kemudian dari Bangkok bulan Mei yang... More »

  • Jakarta Post, 29 July 2007

    Science key to better environmental decision

    Opinion: Douglas Sheil and Erik Meijaard

    In the 1980s, over a million hectares of Central Kalimantan's peat forests was cleared and drained for growing rice. To the government, this was a battle against poverty and hunger. Environmental concerns were easily brushed... More »

  • CGIAR News, 06 June 2007

    Balancing Power

    Opinion: Yulia Siagian and Heru Komarudin

    Research shows that collective action can be effective locally, but questions remain about how best to devolve power to communities, by Yulia Siagian and Heru Komarudin More »

  • Jakarta Post, 22 January 2007

    Signs of growing justice in forest business

    Opinion: Charlie Pye-Smith

    No matter where you go in rural Indonesia, you will come across people who have fallen foul of the country's forest laws. Take what happened in West Lampung, Sumatra, in the mid-1990s. In Simpang Sari, the police pulled up the... More »

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