Food and biodiversity: Supporting forest livelihoods for food security, adaptation and mitigation

Food and biodiversity: Supporting forest livelihoods for food security, adaptation and mitigation

Watch video Landscape-based approaches to forest governance need to include non-timber forest products (NTFP) as an essential element in order to manage resources for food security, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. This session was based on the view that communities (especially in the developing world) acquire micronutrients and macronutrients from a wide variety of…

Climate change: Seeing Green in REDD – Sharing experiences on the equity and economics of REDD+ pilot projects

Watch video This discussion forum brought together successful experiences in implementing REDD+ projects on the ground, and focused on the challenges of finding the elusive win-win between social equity, forest protection and economic growth. These successful experiences can serve to inform broader policymaking efforts to green national economies. The session encouraged the consolidation of practical experiences…

Investments: Promoting sustainable timber production

Watch video This session focused on sustainable timber production from a landscape perspective. We aimed to stimulate discussions about the role of timber production in the green economy, and encourage a neutral view of timber in order to avoid the usual controversies about timber production as a threat to natural forests and related ecosystem services….

Governance: Moving certification to the landscape level with ecosystem services

Watch video A landscape-based approach to forest management combining sustainable use of forest resources and the wider land use picture, can optimize the value and function of forests. Forest certification programs can provide a framework for rewarding such good forest management practice, and tools for evaluating performance. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) focused on a…

Climate change and biodiversity

Adaptation to climate variability: using climate information more effectively for appropriate adaptation measures