Illegal logging is estimated to cost Indonesia more than $1 billion a year in unpaid taxes. That could pay for health coverage for 50 million of the country’s poor

Peat fires in Southeast Asia emit more greenhouse gas than 89 million cars

What must we do to breathe easy? Calculations based on data in: Countries’ National Communications under the UNFCCC; US EPA. 2010. Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle; US Dept of Transportation. n.d. Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group; European Commission. n.d. Reducing CO2 emissions from passenger cars.

Climate change: Lessons from ASEAN – REDD+ policy development and implementation

Watch video The Southeast Asian region has 283.2 million ha of forests, which cover 33.4% of the region’s total area. The region is diverse in terms of forest area and forest resources management histories, and economic and political conditions. The region contains populations who depend on forest resources and are vulnerable to climate change. They share common cultural…

Food and biodiversity: Sloping lands in transition – ecosystem services and rural livelihoods

Watch video This session aimed to: 1) contribute to better understanding the implementation of programs that promote forestry for the provision of ecosystem services in smallholder-occupied hilly and mountainous lands in Southeast Asia, China and India; 2) critically assess their environmental performance, and political-economic and socio-cultural effects; 3) identify questions regarding upland communities’ ability to…

Climate change: Low-emissions development and societal welfare – trade offs, risks and power struggles in forest and climate change policy arenas

Watch video Policy change beyond the forestry sector is required to avoid deforestation and forest degradation effectively, efficiently and equitably, and to realize synergies with adaptation. Government agencies, development and environmental NGOs, indigenous rights groups, businesses, political parties, research organizations and think tanks, and civil society forums have been working for decades to improve land…