Theme 2 – Investing in landscapes for green returns

Investments: Innovative approaches to financing for inclusive green returns

Watch video Global financial markets now find themselves at an inflection point distinguished by a 60% decline in cross-border capital flows since the 2007 peak, a 32% share of global capital flows to emerging economies in 2012 (compared to 5% in 2000), and US$ 1.9 trillion in ‘South-South’ foreign investments between emerging economies. These trends…

Investments: Improving private sector and smallholder participation and performance in sustainable oil palm development

Watch video The private sector is increasingly engaging with environmental and social issues within its supply chain, in particular when sourcing from developing countries. Natural capital subsidizes production economies but is not included on a company balance sheet, although it is increasingly accepted that we are not paying the true cost of our consumables. Acknowledgement…

Investments: Promoting sustainable timber production

Watch video This session focused on sustainable timber production from a landscape perspective. We aimed to stimulate discussions about the role of timber production in the green economy, and encourage a neutral view of timber in order to avoid the usual controversies about timber production as a threat to natural forests and related ecosystem services….