Background Briefs for Forests Asia Summit now available


The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has published Background Briefs for each of the five focus areas of the Forests Asia Summit:

1. Governance and Legal Frameworks to Promote Sustainable Landscapes

2. Investing in Landscapes for Green Returns

3. Climate Change and Low Emissions Development on the Ground

4. Forest Landscapes for Food and Biodiversity

5. Changing Communities, Sustainable Landscapes and Equitable Development

The aim of these Background Briefs is to inform the discussions at the Summit. They provide context to the issues that participants will address at the event, offering a synthesis of existing knowledge and highlighting policy needs, research gaps and the roles of different stakeholder groups in tackling sustainability challenges across Southeast Asia.

These issues will be further articulated, debated and developed at the Summit. To enhance these discussions, participants are encouraged to read the Background Briefs ahead of the event.

The Background Briefs for each theme are available at

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