Unprotected Tree

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unprotected tree

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Photographer’s remarks

This picture describes an unprotected tree found in Empu Rancak Beach, Jawa Tengah. Years ago, Empu Rancak Beach harbors beautiful scenery with Mangrove, Beach and Low Land Forest. Now, the forests are converted to be agricultural lands and fishponds. Apparently, fields and fishponds have been abandoned because of the highest flooding. There are rarely remains of trees, and one of the trees is in the picture. The species of tree is Casuarina sp. Because of no maintenance, finally the tree died. It is a message for us to begin to care with tree because of their advantages to the earth.


Empu Rancak Beach, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Name of photographer

Kustantia Spetiana Wumandari

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