Tsunami Victims

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tsunami victims

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Photographer’s remarks

The Indian Ocean tsunami 2004 brought in tremendous changes to the Nicobar islands which is close by landmass to the epicenter of the Sumatra earth quake. These islands were reported to have sunken for about 1.5 m into the sea due to a tilt in the earth plates during the earth quake. The highly productive pristine mangrove forests of Nicobar Islands were completely devastated by this natural disaster. Especially the permanent inundation by sea water had left no mangrove trees to survive and has completely changed the lives of the Nicobary tribal community who were highly dependent on mangroves for their livelihood. The bay fringes are still showing the scars of the event a decade ago which might remain even much longer years.


Chinlak, Nancowrie Island, India

Name of photographer

Nehru Prabakaran

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