Tsunami Rehabilitation

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tsunami rehabilitation

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Photographer’s remarks

The Tsunami/Tide Wave phenomenon was experienced for first time in India due to the earthquake on 26.12.2004 at 0629 hrs which was of high magnitude and intensity of >8 (8.6) MW scale off West Coast of Sumatra Islands (Indonesia). Subsequently, there was an earthquake off coast of Great Nicobar Islands with magnitude of > 6.5 (MW) at 0952 hrs IST on 26.12.2004. In Little Andaman Islands total 43 fatalities and missing of 12 individuals were recorded during the wake of Tsunami. Around 6569 individuals moved in seven Tsunami rescue camps later on they rehabilitated at hilly terrain in Little Andaman.


Hutbay, Little Andaman Islands, India

Name of photographer

Raja Mamannan

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