Stairs to Heaven

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stairs to heaven

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Photographer’s remarks

Ifugao is the home of rice terraces that were declared as world heritage sites by the UNESCO. Despite being one of the world heritage sites, Ifugao has its own economic endeavors. These range from agriculture to micro industry (handicrafts) and to tourism and serve as the backbone of the household economy. Agriculture is the main sector for Ifugao which enables them to meet day to day basic needs. Farmland is cultivated in phases, a practice that has been going on for generations. The tourism sector has sadly experienced a decline in the number of visitors in the region over the past few past years. Consequently, unlike in the past, the Ifugao faces challenges which are caused by the limited number of visitors coming to their villages today. It is assumed that the underlying factor for the decline in tourists was the replacement of traditional houses with modern houses, which reduced attractiveness driving the tourists to the region.


Ifugao, Philippines

Name of photographer

Prapto Sabdo Wicaksono

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