The Rice Farmer from Chilika

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the rice farmer from chilika

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Photographer’s remarks

On my last year holidays, while returning from Chilika Lake (Near Puri, Odisha, India), I found a very interesting island worth capturing in my camera. It was an island in between the forest with a couple of oddly shaped trees and a small hut in the center. Everything was picture perfect except for the cloudy sky. After doing some 20 shots of the island from the road and the hut, a guy entered from the rear rice farm, he smiled as I was capturing his house. Due to the language barrier, we could not interact but an exchange of smile did it all. He sat near his hut while I was shooting and later as I reached back to my cab, the guy was going back again to his work at the farm. This picture was captured from the road while he was leaving to his work.


Chilika Lake, Odisha, India

Name of photographer

Hardik Pala

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