Orang Rimba, Forest-Dependent People in Jambi

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orang rimba forest dependent people in jambi

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Photographer’s remarks

Orang Rimba is one of the tribe groups living in the depth of forests in Jambi Province (Sumatra, Indonesia). They lead what to some may seem a unique lifestyle owing much to the values and traditions they espouse, which are traced back many centuries ago. The uniqueness in value systems they hold is reflected in their traditions, food they eat, shelters they use to serve as housing, and methods they employ in cultivation. What is most outstanding in their livelihood is the importance they attach to forests, which is the provider of everything to sustain their lives. To them life follows the cycle of nature, mutually beneficial to all elements, humankind, animate and inanimate alike.


Pengelaworon Group, alongside Makekal Hulu River, Tebo District of Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Name of photographer

Ekoningtyas Margu Wardani

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