The Harsh Reality of Nature

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the harsh reality of nature

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Photographer’s remarks

The Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004, brought tremendous changes to the Nicobar islands which is the closest by landmass to the epicenter of the Sumatra earth quake. The biodiversity-rich coastal habitats of Nicobar Islands were highly impacted by the earthquake and tsunami. These islands were reported to have sunken about 1.5 m into the sea due to a tilt in the earth plates during the earth quake. Though the evergreen trees could withstand the force of the tsunami, they could not survive the sea water inundation. However, the Mother Nature has showed resilience by letting the mangroves to colonize such habitats and the evergreen forests are now transforming into mangrove forests.


Ohk chu ka, Trinket Island, India

Name of photographer

Nehru Prabakaran

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