Shrinking to Survive: Searching for a Suitable Habitat – They are on the Brink of Local Extinction

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shrinking to survive searching for a suitable habitat they are on the brink of local extinction

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Photographer’s remarks

Phayres Leaf Monkeys are declared as Endangered (EN) by IUCN mainly due to forest fragmentation, habitat disturbance and loss. The population in Bangladesh has declined by more than 80% in the past 20 years. Further to the east of the range (in China, Viet Nam, Thailand, and Laos), the major threat is hunting for traditional medicine and bushmeat. Furthermore, the range of the species in Viet Nam, Laos and Thailand coincides with ethnic minorities that favor shifting cultivation, with a continual resulting loss of forest.


Sipahijala Wildlife Sancturay, Bishalghar, West Tripura, Northeast India

Name of photographer

Koushik Majumdar

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