Agrosilvofastural at Sulung Area Central Kalimantan

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agrosilvofastural at sulung area central kalimantan

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Photographer’s remarks

The picture describe about the critical land rehabilitation with agroforestry system based on forest, cattle and fruit trees. In Agroforestry systems can be classified into Agrosilvopastural type. Agrosilvofastural at Sulung Area, PT. Citra Borneo Indah (CBI), is one example ofagroforestry systems in Indonesia. PT. CBI has land area of approximately 118.52 ha in Sulung Area. The condition of land is a very critical area. In 2006, this critical area began empowered by the application of agroforestry systems based on forest, cattle, and fruit trees. Forest conservation and captive deer are in an area of 24.89 ha. The remaining area of 8.85 ha in the form of land plant fruit trees.


PT. Citra Borneo Indah, Sulung Area, Arut Selatan, Kotawaringin Barat, Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

Name of photographer

Rahmawaty Hamsuddin

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