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Chokkalingam, U. 2004. Role and contributions of CIFOR/ ICRAF in the strengthening of land and fire management in Indonesia. In Proceedings of EU SSFFMP Workshop on Indonesian Forest and Land Fire Policy, July 2004, Palembang, South Sumatra.
Language : English
Dennis, R.; Hoffmann, A.; Applegate, G.; von Gemmingen, G.; Kartawinata, K. 2001. Large-scale fire: creator and destroyer of secondary forests in Western Indonesia. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 13(4): 786-799.
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Otsuka, M.; Sumantri; Hariri, D.; Yunardi, S. 2001. An overview of development processes and farmers' interactions in a participatory forest fire prevention programme in Jambi province, Indonesia. In: Kobayashi, S., Turnbull, J.W., Toma, T., Mori, T., Majid, N.M.N.A. (eds.). Rehabilitation of degraded tropical forest ecosystems: workshop proceedings, 2-4 November 1999, Bogor, Indonesia. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR. 197-212.
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Dennis, R. 1999. A review of fire projects in Indonesia (1982-1998). Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR. 105p.
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Magcale-Macandog, D.; Galinada, W. 1996. Grassland-based uplands farms: a study on fire occurrence in Isabela, Philipines. Canberra, Australia, Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australian National University. Imperata Project Paper No. 1996/4.
Language : English

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