Research Topics

Major Funding Sources for our Fire Research


East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative (EAPEI)

 The East Asia and Pacific Environmental Initiative (EAPEI) aims to improve environmental conditions and quality of life by increasing environmental capacity and knowledge in the East Asia and Pacific region through joint State/USAID and partner efforts. The EAPEI implements through agreements with US federal agencies, international and regional organizations, universities and USAID-registered non-governmental organizations. The EAPEI works to compliment other US government investment in the region by supporting transboundary, cross-border and regional activities and institutions and by supporting activities in USAID non-presence countries.



Japan's Official Development Assistance ( ODA ) Program


Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) Program was established by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide economic aid to developing countries. Japan has assisted 185 countries and regions, and was ranked as the world's top international aid provider from 1991 to 2000 on a net disbursement basis.



European Commission


The European Commission’s environmental program aims to support developing countries in integrating environmental sustainability into their development process. The EC forest program supports efforts to conserve and sustainably manage tropical and other forests in these countries.

EC projects focus on environmental capacity building and policy advice to improve the environmental legal and policy framework and facilitate the implementation of environmental standards. Furthermore, projects assist the financing of clean technologies and promote sustainable resource management practices in demonstration projects. Many EC environment actions in Asia have a local and a global dimension such as air pollution, climate change, forestry and timber trade, and biodiversity. More than 50 per cent of the environment funds support the management and conservation of tropical forests. Indonesia is a priority country.




Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) 


ACIAR is a statutory authority operating as part of the Australian Government's development cooperation programs. The Centre encourages Australia's agricultural scientists to use their skills to benefit developing countries and Australia. ACIAR funds research projects within a framework reflecting the priorities of Australia's aid program and national research strengths, together with the agricultural research and development priorities of partner countries. Activities are directed to developing countries in five regions: Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, North Asia, South Asia and Southern Africa. Research is also allocated across regions through funding to the international agricultural research centres.


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