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Daniel Murdiyarso and partners as well as Judith Mayer have reviewed policy responses to the trans-boundary haze problem in the Southeast Asian region. Murdiyarso and partners also have a special volume forthcoming on ‘Forest and Land Fires in Southeast Asia’. The volume will highlight findings, experiences and possible solutions to the devastating forest and land fires experienced by Southeast Asian nations. It attempts to bring together analysis of the recorded fire events, their causes, impacts, and management and policy responses in the context of global climate change and local livelihoods.




Murdiyarso, D. and Lebel, L. Forest and Land Fires in Southeast Asia:History, causes, impacts and opportunities for policy adjustments. Special issue - Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. In Press.
Language : English
Mayer, J. 2006. Transboundary perspectives on managing Indonesia's fires. Journal of Environment and Development 15(2): 202-223.
abstract : English
Murdiyarso, D.; Lebel, L.; Gintings, A.N.; Tampubolon, S.M.H.; Heile, A.; Wasson, M. 2004. Policy responses to complex environmental problems: insights from a science-policy activity on transboundary haze from vegetation fires in Southeast Asia. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 104(1): 47-56.
abstract : English

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