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Fire and Plantation Development



The study by Suyanto and others looks at fires associated with oil palm and timber plantation development in the lowlands of Riau. They found that using fire to clear land for oil palm and timber plantations was more economical than mechanical methods on this case study site. They concluded that a total ban on fire may be impractical and unnecessary in many situations and it may be feasible to identify and promote better fire management methods for land clearing in the drylands to reduce smoke and haze. Besides, they found that arson due to land tenure conflicts between companies and communities was reduced if local communities were adequately involved in management and benefit sharing, as was the case in most oil palm plantations.




Suyanto, S.; Applegate, G.; Permana, R.P.; Khususiyah, N.; Kurniawan, I. 2004. The role of fire in changing land use and livelihoods in Riau-Sumatra. Ecology and Society 9(1): 15p.
S. Suyanto, Rizki Pandu Permana, Noviana Khususiyah, Iwan Kurniawan and Grahame Applegate. 2001. The Role of Fire in Changing Land Use and Livelihood in Petapahan Area, Riau Province. ICRAF, CIFOR, European Union. Bogor. Indonesia. Report.
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