Upcoming EVENTS

Lessons learned and way forwards from REDD+ progress in 8 countries

The Global Comparative Study on REDD+ will convene the country experts from Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Guyana, Brazil and Peru to share the REDD+ policies and progress in their respective countries.

Landscape transformation: What does power have to do with it?

Online As part of the Global Landscapes Forum’s Digital Summit series, this 1.5-hour online event titled “Landscape transformation: What does

The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity

The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB) has become the major focal assembly to share research outcomes, management and policy


Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit 2018

The 2018 Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit (APRS) will be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Summit provides the opportunity for countries across

World Symposium on Climate Change and Biodiversity

Climate Change and a whole and global warming in particular,  are known to have a negative impact on biodiversity in

Land and Poverty Conference 2018: Land Governance in an Interconnected World

The Land and Poverty conference will present the latest research and practice on the diversity of reforms, interventions, and innovations