Upcoming EVENTS

The 2nd Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network Conference

The conference will promote communication and collaboration among professional researchers, managers, industry officers, policy makers, environmental consultants and community enthusiasts.

Climate Action 2016

Climate change is the defining issue of our age; a robust, multi-sector response will be required to pivot societies toward

Adaptation Futures 2016: Practices and Solutions

This conference is expected to lead to major progress in climate change adaptation, and fosters an exchange of innovative and


UNGA High-level Thematic Debate: Implementing Commitments on Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Financing

The President of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), Mogens Lykketoft, will convene a high-level thematic debate on sustainable development, climate

5th International Conference on Oil Palm and Environment (ICOPE)

The ICOPE-SERIES are specially organised programmes aimed at promoting and supporting sustainable palm oil production. These programmes encompass the organisation

Forests for the Future – New Forests for Africa

Working conference in March 2016 in Ghana The successful creation of new forests requires close, long-term commitment and cooperation between