List of Presentations

  • Central Cardamom Protected Forest Conservation Program Forestry Administration/Conservation International by Ouk Kimsan
    e-file: English (pdf 12 MB)
  • CIFOR introduction: MacArthur Conservation and Development Project by Terry Sunderland
    e-file: English (pdf 0.5 MB)
  • Conservation in the Mekong Synergies and tradeoffs between conservation and development in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam by Luke Preece
    e-file: English (pdf 2.5 MB)
  • CIFOR Lower Mekong Conservation & Development Project by Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary
    e-file: English (pdf 2.5 MB)
  • Integrated conservation and development projects (ICDPs): an overview by Terry Sunderland
    e-file: English (pdf 3 MB)
  • “Losing less and winning more: building capacity to go beyond the trade-offs between conservation and development in the Lower Mekong” by Terry Sunderland
    e-file: English (pdf 4 MB)
  • Sustainable Land Use and Management for Ethnic Phnong Communities Project by Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) - World Conservation Society
    e-file: English (pdf 4 MB)
  • Management of Mondulkiri Protected Forest by Forestry Administration by WWF Mondulkiri
    e-file: English (pdf 2.4 MB)
  • Overview of Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area, eastern Cambodia by Dr Tom Evans WCS Cambodia Program
    e-file: English (pdf 6.2 MB)
  • Background To Data Collection and Analysis by Manuel Ruiz-Perez
    e-file: English (pdf 1 MB)
  • An Overview: Virachey National Park 
    e-file: English (pdf 10 MB)
  • Discussion Forum in Tools for Integrating Conservation and Development website
    e-file: English (pdf 1 MB)


Center for International Forestry Research MacArthur Foundation Wildlife Conservation Society Conservation International World Wildlife FundInternational Tropical Timber Organization Charles Darwin University Ford Foundation Department for International Development