• To help improve conservation and development policies and practices by understanding and communicating to policy makers and planners the multiple consequences of land-use change for both livelihoods and forest cover, how these might be managed to enhance livelihoods and conserve forests, and what synergies and trade-offs are needed for this to happen

  • To develop tools and guidelines for analysing and reconciling changes in land use with their resulting livelihood impacts including models for exploring the options for managing landscape mosaics.

  • To develop guidelines to help those involved in negotiating payments for environmental services to draw up agreements that are viable, equitable and durable.

  • To develop guidelines and tools for conservation and development agencies that take into account the broad societal contexts and linkages in which changes in land use and livelihoods occur.

  • To facilitate changes in attitudes and policies regarding forest conservation and social development.



Center for International Forestry Research MacArthur Foundation Wildlife Conservation Society Conservation International World Wildlife FundInternational Tropical Timber Organization Charles Darwin University Ford Foundation Department for International Development