What we do

CIFOR is currently revising its strategy to better align with the global development agenda. Our review processes will update our existing document, CIFOR’s Strategy 2008-2018: Making a difference for forests and people, summary available here and full document here.

CIFOR is committed to reducing rural poverty, increasing food security, improving human health and nutrition, and protecting the environment. We are working towards a world that recognizes the value of forests and landscapes in achieving these goals; a world in which decisions that affect forests and landscapes are based on science and reflect the perspectives of all stakeholders, including those who are less powerful.

Our work, relationships and strategy are driven by:

A commitment to impact. We work to ensure our research is heard and used.

Professionalism. We maintain transparency, honesty, accountability, and high scientific and ethical standards.

Innovation and critical thinking. We encourage learning and welcome new ideas to investigate through scientific inquiry.

Respect and collaboration. We value building a global team of staff and partners, embrace diversity, promote equity, and treat all with respect and integrity.

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